The revolutionary new food ordering platform that lets your restaurant take control of online sales, gain loyal customers & make more profitable deliveries.

What is the TasteBay Network?

TasteBay is an online, socially conscious food ordering portal that combines food service providers, restaurants, foodies, and social media mavens.

TasteBay is a revolutionary new food-ordering platform that lets users view specific restaurant foods in their nearby area, based on their personal food tastes and dietary needs.

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We heavily partner with corporate offices in your delivery radius to generate large group catering orders in order to maximize your restaurant deliveries, and make your lunch-times more profitable.

TasteBay provides a comprehensive online food ordering solution for restaurants and consumers alike. It lets restaurant owners develop a loyal and high-income clientele, with greater long-term profits per delivery, a growing network of food professionals at their disposal, and over 200 offices using our patent pending group ordering platform.

TasteBay is currently operating under Private Beta with over 200 Montreal central offices signed up to use our platform. Register your Restaurant to receive more information on how TasteBay can catapult your restaurant into the 21st century.

Who is Tastebay for?

Restaurant Owners

TasteBay brings your menu to life online

TasteBay opens you to up an understanding of your target market like never before. With our unique Taste Profile system, you can efficiently engage your target market & grow your business to its full potential.

Restaurant Goers & Foodies

Can’t decide what to eat?

TasteBay is a personalized restaurant menu in your pocket. We get straight to the point and show you the right restaurant foods near you based on your personal tastes & preferences from the moment you log on.


If you’re a food blogger, food photographer, nutritionist, sales person, or just plain in love with food,

you can sign up to be a registered TasteMaker affiliate in your city and get paid to explore new foods in your area.

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